18×8.50-8 4-Hole Golf Cart Tire and Wheel Assembly

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The 18×850-8 4-Hole White Golf Cart Tire and Wheel Assembly is a high-quality and durable tire and wheel combination specifically designed for golf carts. With its 18-inch diameter, 8.50-inch width, and 4-hole mounting pattern, it offers a perfect fit for most standard golf cart models.

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Product description

The tire features a sturdy construction that provides excellent traction and stability on various terrains, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on the golf course or any other surface. Its white color adds a touch of style to your golf cart, enhancing its overall appearance. The 4-hole wheel design ensures secure and reliable attachment to your golf cart, preventing any wobbling or instability during operation. Additionally, the assembly comes pre-mounted, saving you time and effort in installation.

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